What is Chemical X?

The missing ingredient. The vital spark. The crucial connection.

For many the difference between success and failure in video game development can be the smallest of things.  A mismatched aesthetic, an ill-defined target demographic, a flawed gameplay mechanic, or simply the inability to get your message across – Chemical X can identify and provide the solution to your problem.

Today the games business is evolving at an ever accelerating rate.  We have experience with how the market grew into a global force in the first place coupled with a vision of where it is going and where it can go. Having worked first hand with the new technologies and expanding markets, having handled all manner of development pitfalls and outsourcing dilemmas, we provide a perspective few can.

With over 20 years experience and having run development for several large publishers across the globe, learning the subtle ins and outs of the business from many perspectives, we are in a fantastic position to leverage that experience and help guide you to market and address new forms of monetization during these rapidly changing times.

For those outside the industry looking for a way to navigate the massive explosion of gamification through new portals (such as Facebook) or devices (iOS/Android) Chemical X Productions has extensive experience to allow you to connect with your customers and change a passive relationship into an active and profitable one.

In other words we know stuff and can probably help.